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Northampton Castle

Everyone loves a good castle, but unfortunately you’d be hard pressed to find this one.

Castles are generally excellent places to visit while staying somewhere but the old Northampton Castle isn’t on the list of sights to see while staying in Northampton. Unless you can track down the last remaining part of it, the repositioned postern gate.

It was built way back in 1084 under the first Earl of Northampton. It changed hands a number of times during various civil wars between kings and their nobles and was even rented out for twenty years, for the annual fee of £5.

In 1662, however, on the orders of the king, parts of the castle, the town walls and its gate were demolished.

As far as 1879, parts of the castle could still be tracked down, particularly its western and southern foundations. However, it was in this year that the last remaining parts were removed for the extension of the Castle Station. The final remanent of Northampton Castle was the aforementioned postern gate, which was embedded in the station wall, and can still be seen today.

From Painted Pixels

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